Balance: The One​-​Forty​-​Seven Manifesto

by Jason Davis



released July 27, 2010

Produced by Jason Davis
Mixed & Engineered somewhere in Upstate NY

All songs written by Jason Davis, Spinning Axis Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Jason Davis New York

"Jason is a great guitar player who knows how to serve the song and still hang ten. "
- Reeves Gabrels, (solo artist, David Bowie, The Cure, NIN)

Davis' guitar styling and "left-of-center" musical disposition has led to artist relationships with Reverend Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, & Lava Cable.
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Track Name: Won't Be Waiting
You tell me, but I figured you out (what you really mean)
But I'll wait 'cause I hear the doubt
Why don't you come clean?

When you're all out of time I won't be waiting for you

Now tell me what do you really know 'cause I want to believe
But I'll wait as you're digging it low
I won't be deceived

Why you running away?

When you done cross the line
Track Name: Fade
Spinning, drifting through the tunnel
Got no more peace of mind
What the hell was I thinking?
Gonna fade away this time

I can feel you
Track Name: Wasting Time
There you stare giving not a care
And I wonder "Is it real?" or do I dare
Go away
All I wanted was you to stay
And I know sometimes I tried but it's all a waste

Seems to me that we're going nowhere
And all we're doing is wasting time
Yours and mine

Walk the line
You have yours and I have mine
And they never cross at all
And there you'll find your own way

All I wanted was you to stay
But your time has come and I won't get in the way
Track Name: Prodigal Son
Breathe in, breathe out
I watch you drawing closer
Now burning wings lie on the ground
I feel like I'm falling

Water deeply rising, drawing closer
Can't remember when I first felt the tide
I feel like I'm drowning

Standing on top of the world
Now I'm falling down
Feeling like a prodigal son
But I can't find my way home
Track Name: Drop The Dime
You turned the lights out; now I'm blind
Just like a piper....
I fell in line

Now turn the tables
Drop the dime without reason, without rhyme

And I want you to remember

So how's it feel to be outside?
Standing in shadows but nothing to hide?

And I am not your pretender
Track Name: Rear View Mirror
Going back to Texas
Back to where I left behind
All of the hopes and the dreams and all the pain just blur in time

Help me find peace of mind

Don't wait for me
Don't wave
The rear view mirror is no friend of mine

Going back to Belle green
Back to where I left behind
All of the memories - I thought they'd pass away in time

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