[the red album] - Expanded Version

by Jason Davis



while the truncated 9-song version of this album is available through iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and all of your other reputable online music providers, what you find here is the fully-realized complete 11-song edition of [the red album]. "blur" and "one thing that you should know" are included here for your comfort.


released October 1, 2006

produced by jason davis & rev. j. m. rudd III, esq.

all words/songs by jason davis
© 2006 spinning axis music (ASCAP)

recorded: somewhere in texas…
mixing/mastering: the house of rudd

jason davis - guitar, voice, string abuse
joe carpenter - drums, cymbals, pedals
jeremy hull - bass, subs, groove

thanks: emily, josh, & allison davis; christi carpenter; cori hull; john vitale; gil vasquez; john page; alistair hay; dwight devereaux; dave chaimson; jason rudd; parker guitars; emerald guitars; randall amplification; mojo strings; tonepros; fernandes usa; line6; zvex; carvin; eden amplification; mission1.com; crisler guitar repair; & all those that have given support.




all rights reserved



Jason Davis New York

"Jason is a great guitar player who knows how to serve the song and still hang ten. "
- Reeves Gabrels, (solo artist, David Bowie, The Cure, NIN)

Davis' guitar styling and "left-of-center" musical disposition has led to artist relationships with Reverend Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, & Lava Cable.
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Track Name: Blur
Can you tell me where you're going
Can you tell me where you've been
I can't figure out what you're saying
Can you tell me what that means

Is it tomorrow or the next day
Is it the land of the free
Sometimes I can't tell the difference
Can you tell me what that means

Sometimes it blurs my eyes
Sometimes it burns inside
Sometimes it blurs my mind
Track Name: Sunshine
I feel it beat down on my skin
Warm rays of change enter in

Feeling the light course through my veins
Voices call in the winds of change

Let the sunshine fall on me
Let the sunshine cover me
Let the sunshine burn through me
Let the sunshine wash me clean
Track Name: Fly
Flying too close to the sun
Burned my wings and now I'm falling
They say it's safer on the ground
But I can't get it out of my mind

Turbulence is all around
30,000 and I'm falling
They say the dream is a lie
But that's something I have yet to find

Don't take the spirit from my eyes
I don't want to know
Don't take the spirit from my eyes
I don't want to...
Track Name: Undertow
I'm lost like waves in a storm
And my thoughts rush away
And there's nothing to say

I can't feel
I can't breathe
And there's nothing to do
That'll make it through

The waves crash my mind
And I'm feeling the pull of the undertow

I can't breathe
I can't see
And the darkness hides the water's rise

Oh won't you take these thoughts from my mind
Give me a sign
Track Name: One Thing That You Should Know
A star I choose
Reminder of you
Shines brighter than

A dark light gone
Forever long
To tell you how I

A million miles
Forever smiles
I feel you beaming

Alone at sea
A water deep
You breathe into me

I'd give it away (for you)
One thing that you should know
Track Name: Worlds Collide
Another rainy evening
Window waterfall
Watching the passing hand
Waiting for the call

Worlds collide in her eyes
Then scatter on the floor
Trying to pick up the pieces
But there's always more

Blow out the candle
Turn out the light
Time to go home now
Track Name: Lies (All The Things You Are)
You burn my mind
You bring me hell
But you disguise it very well

You pull the wool over my eyes
Why am I so surprised?

All the things you are
All the things you did and said
Are lies in my head

All you put me through
Never meant that much to you
Track Name: Time
Tell me why
Don't know why
But I want to

And I try
Don't you try
But I want to

And I lie
Don't you lie
But I want to

And I cry
Don't you cry
But I want to

Shine on the moon
And light up the sky
Millions of stars
Like ships in the night
Time marches on
And passes me by
Track Name: Penguin '06
Lil' penguin knocked on my front door
Just last Thursday afternoon
He asked to borrow my refrigerator-freezer
But instead set up camp in my backyard

Lil' penguin ate my goldfish
And he likes to raid my icebox
Leave muddy webbed-foot prints all over my favorite carpet
And takes a long swim in my bathtub

Little penguin
Ugly little penguin
Little penguin moved next door to me
Track Name: Blacken The Sky
Used to think
Used to know it
Riding clouds in the sky
Thought that you could do anything
Until you found out the lie

Used to hold all of the secrets
Tight in your clenched hand
Light slips through my fingers
Now I thought you'd understand

Racing the stormy night
Hiding the pale moon light
I thought that I could blacken the sky

Finding the puzzle's lie
Hearing the sunshine cry
I thought that I could blacken the sky

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