by Einstein's Car



It's closing night at the bosch pit.
Up goes the flaming red curtain
As a phalanx of lost souls highsteps it

(kicktwothreefour, kicktwothreefour)

Like some grotesque Rockettes review
Urged on by sulphurous tongues
tickle-licking at already blackened heels.

The Master of Crematories,
Amid clicking, cackling static
And mic spike feedback
Shrill enough to snap-crackle-pop
The most meaty malleus,
Ahems & ahas & finally intones
In his best mock-'em sock-'em
FM DJ voce:

"Ladies & mental-men,
Get up & shake it to
The metaphysical cha-cha,
The hot wire tango,
The danse macabre,
The frug flambe."

Now the joint is writhing,
Shot through with strychnine & fear:
Marionette limbs akimbo,
Flailing mad legs betraying their masters,
Heads herky-jerking
To the cadence of last call.

"Laaast cawlll!"

The conflagration,
Like some rum demonizer
On a guilty pleasure bender,
Swallows everything in sigth;
The world unwinds
With a wobble-topple-whimper;
& somewhere far off,
Steel pans hit a fever pitch,
Clanging out a furious
Curious endgame anthem,
A major key melody
Borne on waves
Of unforgiving heat.



released August 1, 1997

Ryan Blair - drums & percussion
Jason Davis - guitar, guitar synth, & vocals
John Lally - bass, bass synth, & chapman stick

All music & words by Jason Davis, Spinning Axis Music (ASCAP)

Recorded 02-03/1997 at Shark Attack Studios, Pittsburgh PA
Engineered by Pete Rossi
Produced by Pete Rossi, Jason Davis, John Lally, and Ryan Blair
Mastered by Kurt Alexander at Digidoc, Anaheim CA
Photography, Art Direction, & Design by Diane Dugina

The band is indebted to Pete for not making us sound twanky; Satch for the ongoing support; Leo Turbridy for the basic outline of "Totem"; Jay & Stephanie Sperling for letting us shoot the Gateway To Hades; & Diane for making us look like the world's artiest garage band.

Ryan thanks Nicole Stanish for putting up with countless hours of badgering & for her belief in me; my parents Dan & Tess for the incredible support: my brother Todd for just being himself; the rest of my family: Logic; my friends; everyone who buys this record & comes to our shows; & others far too numerous to mention.

Jason thanks Emily for all of her love & support; Mom & my family; the Warner family; Brad Strickland & everyone at Parker Guitars; Don & Dan at Hollowood Music; the Drum World circle; all of my students, both past & present; Mike Keneally for his keen wit & helpful suggestions; & God.

John thanks my wife Diane for her boundless enthusiasm; Mom, Jill & all of mi familia; Bret Carlson at Pedulla; Emmett Chapman for his maverick spirit (horray for the musical fence post!) & Yuta Chapman for her kind notes; everyone at Elisco Advertising (you're out there); Chris the Bass Ace at Swissvale Music; Stephan "Frenchy" Cocron; & the Library crowd - Greg, Bill, Frank, et. al.


all rights reserved



Jason Davis New York

"Jason is a great guitar player who knows how to serve the song and still hang ten. "
- Reeves Gabrels, (solo artist, David Bowie, The Cure, NIN)

Davis' guitar styling and "left-of-center" musical disposition has led to artist relationships with Reverend Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, & Lava Cable.
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Track Name: Like A Book
Promises made are promises frayed
Lies drawn in the sand
I can trust you as far as I can throw you
You threw it all away

I can read you and see right through you
Through your veil of lies
I'll forgive you but can't forget you
Though I wish I could

Out of time
Out of patience
I read you like a book
So don't like to me
I blew your cover
Track Name: Totem
Staring into the endless sky
Sizing up my destiny
Scaling what others have tried
Times before

I stare into motionless eyes
Reasoning their lonely gaze
Face to face with gods of days gone by
Who leave their legacy

I reach for the top by realize
It all to be only a dream
For I still cannot see over the hill
To my destiny

Hand over hand
I reach for my life
Hand over hear
I swear I'll try
Heart over mind
I reason my fate
Mind over matter
Soon I'll surely fly
Track Name: I Can't
You feel the pain inside
All the hate and lies
All the alibis

But I, I can't make you see
What you need to be
What you need to be free

You want a piece of me
In your fantasy
In reality

But you, you can't see the way
Clearer than the day
Past familiar gray

I can't help it
I can't hide it
I can't find it
I can't stop it
Track Name: Never Be The Same
I have to find myself
Among the shifting sand
I have to search myself
Help me to understand

When I breathe
I breathe for you
Life flows through my veins
When I feel
I feel for you
I'll never be...

Life turned upside down
Help me see who I am
I can't feel the ground
Help me, I'm just a man

When I cry
I cry to you
Take my tears away
When I try
I try for you

When I bleed
I bleed for you
I've never felt so much pain
And when I fear
I fear you
I'll never be...

When I die
I die to you
I'll never be the same
Track Name: (Ugly Little) Penguin
Little penguin knocked on my front door
Just last Thursday afternoon
He asked to borrow my refrigerator/freezer
But instead set up camp in my backyard

Little penguin ate my goldfish
And he likes to raid my icebox
Leave muddy webbed-foot prints all over my favorite carpet
And takes a long swim in my bathtub

Little penguin
Ugly little penguin
Little penguin moved next door to me
Track Name: X-Ray Jacket
X-ray what?
What you got
X-ray who?
How 'bout you
X-ray with my x-ray jacket

X-ray where?
Over there
X-ray why?
No lie
X-ray with my x-ray jacket
I x-ray

X-ray how?
Here & now
X-ray when?
5 to 10
X-ray with my x-ray jacket

X-ray you
X-ray me
X-ray possibilities
X-ray with my x-ray jacket
I x-ray

Impossibility of seeing me
Track Name: Monster
My monster hides in my closet
He comes out at night
He's 11'7
He's an awful fright

My monster ate my red lunchbox
And sat on my dog
He's a nasty-wasty creature
Face just like a frog

Here he comes
Track Name: Under The Sun
You say no life
You say no shame
You say no point in the game
You say no truth
You say no lies
Blinding our eyes
There is no love
There is no hate
There is no meaning in fate
You say no tears that feel my eyes
Will paralyze

There is no fear
There is no face in the mirror
There is no light
In the blackest of night
You say no God
You say no sin
You say no peace felt within
You say no justice in our lives
Only alibis

How can one be so blind
Open your eyes and see
See everything under the sun
Is not everything

Under the sun
Track Name: Innocence
I want to find a piece of my mind
Can you help me find peace of mind?

Innocence all thrown away
Ignorance darkens the day

Like a child I need to be blind
Close my eyes and I will find

Drowning in life's hopeless wave
Help me take my breath away
To see another day

I want to live
Have to try
Have to make my own way
Have to trust in myself
Keep my faith
No more lies
No more tears
Am I innocent?
Track Name: Calm Before The Storm
Storm rolls in
I hide my eyes
From lights dancing in the sky
High winds circle the air
No where to hide from it all

Storm shows no sign of relief
But I hold on for my life
And in the end all that remains
Are lives found in ruins and flames

I hear, I fear
In the calm before the storm
I hear, I fear

I hear, I fear
A shape that has no form
I heal, I feel
In the calm before the storm

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